I am having trouble with my Ipod not being seen or recognized by I Tunes. It
was working before and all of a sudden it won't work. I tried uninstalling I
Tunes and reinstalling. The computer recognizes the IPod but it says there is
a problem with the connectivity. I looked in the device manager, tried to
reinstall the drivers but it searches and even with the installation disc it
won't find a driver or correct the problem. In the device manager window you
see the yellow sign with the exclamation point in it showing an error. How do
I resolve this? I have tried to update I tunes but that doesn't solve the
problem either



R. McCarty

If you double-click the entry in Device Manager that has the yellow
exclamation mark what info appears in the Device Status window ?

When things STOP working don't just jump in and uninstall and
re-install the software. That only adds another layer of possibilities to
figuring out what is wrong.


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