In new meeting request the calendar of resources are not correct


Luc Meersschaut

Hi all
We use outlook 2003/exchange 2003
We use Autoaccept for the 3 meeting rooms in our company.

in the calendar of outlook ( thru shared calendar), I can clearly see at
what moment the meeting rooms are occupied, Autoaccept works fine

But I a create a new meeting or appointment i have a problem
The screen has 2 major parts
In the left panel you put the name(s) of the person or meeting rooms you
want and on the right you see the free/busy status of
each person or room.

In the right panel of the meeting room line , the calendar is not correctly
filled in , some reservation issues are missing
For the persons the calendar is filled in correctly

I can not see why some of the calendar items of a meeting room is invisible
in new meeting screen, but not in a general calendar overview.

Somebody an idea what is going wrong ?

Luc Meersschaut




Hi Luc

I'm not sure if I understand the problem correctly, but maybe this
information will help:

In an Exchange server environment, when you look at a shared calendar,
you're looking directly at the information in that mailbox.

When you look at free/busy information (on the Scheduling tab when you
create a meeting) you're looking at a subset of calendar information
published to a hidden public folder.

In an environment with many Exchange servers, different users may be set up
to access different public folders. In this case, Public Folder Replication
synchronises the information between public folders on different servers so
everyone *eventually* sees the same information. But it isn't instantaneous,
and if the replication breaks then different people will see different
has a much better explanation of how this works, so if the problem is related
to the free/busy public folder then hopefully this will point you in the
right direction.


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