Exchange 2003: One user has found booked meeting room appointments cancelled in meeting room calenda



We run an Exchange 2003 system with Outlook 2002 and 2003. One user
has complained that 3 meetings (on 3 seperate days and in 2 seperate
meeting rooms) have been cancelled in the meeting room's own calendar,
and others have been able to subsequently book meetings over the top.
Interestingly the meeting in his own calendar do not appear as
cancelled, but when I opened them up the meeting room itself was not
listed (as either an invitee or a resource). I can think of 3

1) There is a problem with Exchange \ the mailbox for the meeting
rooms - this seems unlikely though as the same user has had the
problem with 2 different meeting rooms

2) The user incorrectly booked the meeting room (although he
apparently received the confirmation pop up that the room was booked),
or he accidentally deleted the 3 meetings himself.

3) Someone else logged on to Outlook as the meeting rooms and
cancelled the appointments - again unlikely as although several
individuals have permissions to the meeting room mailbox, no one has
any special rights on the calendar (the default is 'author').

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.




I have a few questions:

- Are the Meeting Rooms Mailbox calendars or Public Folder Cals?
- What booking method is used for the resources?
(Direct booking or AutoAccept)
- If you are using AutoAccept, is it with the script on Exchange or
is it just a mailbox configured for auto-accept?

Nikki Peterson

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