How to show all room resources Outlook 2007 - Exchange 2003



I currently have an Exchange 2003 Environment with Outlook 2007 clients. We
have several accounts setup as resources and the auto accept agent enabled
and accounts are configured as resources. We have about a dozen configured.
In Outlook 2007, when I select CALENDAR, and then, PLAN A MEETING, I want all
users to be able to see all the room resources once they open up the PLAN A
MEETING window. Currently you would have to schedule a meeting, then at the
bottom select the RESOURCES button to add the resource to the PLAN A MEETING
window. I want all users to be able to see ALL the room resources available
instead of having to go to the address book, search and pick the resource,
invite attendees, then book it. By showing ALL the room resources, It would
also show if any are booked and for what time. So how do you do that ?

Lastly, how do you change the PLAN A MEETING to show a monthly or weekly
view instead of having to scroll left or right ?



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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