IE6 asking "Work Offline" "Retry" while working online.

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Richard Rosenberger

Hereby a copy of a piece of text i found on the internet EXACTLY
describing my problem:

While currently connected via DSL I will have the IE, "Work Offline",
dialogue box appear on my screen occasionally. I have to choose either
Work Offline or Retry to continue any further. Each time I select
Retry and everything is fine and I can continue to the selected link.
However, I am already connected and don't understand why I am
presented with this dialoge box. Not to mention why I should have to
select Retry to connect when in fact I am already connected. Does
anyone know why this dialogue box appears and how can I prevent it
from appearing at all. It's not a big deal really but after it has
demanded my response for the 10th or 20th time in an evening it
becomes rather annoying and if possible I would like to prevent it
from happening even once in an online session.

Now, i run also a DSL connection, using ethernet. I have a 24/7 link
and i do not use PPOE or whatever, i use LAN TCP/IP and nothing more,
hence i do not need to dial out, or trigger a dial-up to get on the
ineternet. Also, IE6 is the only program asking me to work offline, or
to retry.

Further searching i found a possible solution:

Open the registry and Navigate to:
Click WebCheck and look in the right pane. You will see two String

Double click on each of these and change the value data from Yes to

Close the registry.

The values mentioned above, are -in my case- already "no"

Does any guru here in this NG have a opinion about this?

With kind regards,



I too have been having the same exact problems for weeks. I have tried
everything I have found on the net to try and fix this with no luck. The one
that I saw that you have described said to change the "yes or no" to auto.
Still didn't work for me, but maybe it will for you. I too am also connected
via dsl. I am running windows 2000, and this has really become a very
irrating problem.

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