Dialogue conflict



I am connected to the internet via Comcast Cable. I
disabled my cable so I could install a new virus program,
but microsoft dialogue keeps popping up with "click work
offline" or "retry". It continues to popup as my program
is trying to install and of course I cannot install the
program. Does anyone know how to disable this dialogue


H Leboeuf

Some issues to look at.

"Page Cannot be Displayed" or "Web Page Unavailable Offline" When You Browse
to Http://Localhost
When you try to browse to http://localhost, Microsoft Internet Explorer may
prompt you to "Work Offline" or "Try Again." If you click Work Offline, you
may receive an "Web page unavailable offline" message, and if you click Try
Again, you may receive a "Page cannot be displayed" message.
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=290766 (5/2/2001)

Error Messages if Wsock32.dll File Is Damaged or Missing
The web page you requested is not available offline.
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=298436 (W95/98/se 8/6/2002)

I.E. starts and stays offline / I.E. offline message when using DSL/Cable

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