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I just installed SP1 for my IE6.0 as a requirement to run the new Windows
Live Messenger.

However, when I tried to start-up my IE 6.0 browser, a pop-up appeared.
Details of the pop-up are as follows:
Pop-up Window Title: 'Work Offline'
Contents: 'No connection to the Internet is currently available. To view
Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work Offline.
Click Try Again to attempt to connect.'
Active buttons: 'Work Offline' and 'Try Again'

I have not had this message appear before I installed SP1. In the past, IE
6.0 will automatically display the network connection dialog box and
automatically dial a connection when I launch IE 6.0.

Now, I have to click on 'Try Again' everytime I run IE6.0, and I find it
rather irritating.

I've checked the Connection tab in Internet Options, and nothing seems to be
wrong or different from before. I've even tried uninstalling SP1, but it
doesn't solve the problem.

Does anyone know what is the cause of this pop-up, and how I can solve it

Rob ^_^

Hi Andy,

Are you using any firewall software? Nortons keep alive? These may need
reconfiguring or turning on (some updates advise you to turn off your
firewall to install)

Suggest you can also copy and rename your current connection (copy and paste
in the connections control panel), then delete the old one and make the new
one your default.


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