Work Offline box



I have a cable connection to the internet but each time I
open Internet Explorer 6.0 I get a message box that
states the following: "No connection to the Internet is
currently available. To view Internet contents that has
beensaved on your computer, click Work Offline. Click try
again to attempt to connect."

I click Try again and the browser opens to my home page.
How do I change this so I don't have to click Try Again
each time I start the browser or surf the net?

H Leboeuf

"Page Cannot be Displayed" or "Web Page Unavailable Offline" When You Browse
to Http://Localhost
When you try to browse to http://localhost, Microsoft Internet Explorer may
prompt you to "Work Offline" or "Try Again." If you click Work Offline, you
may receive an "Web page unavailable offline" message, and if you click Try
Again, you may receive a "Page cannot be displayed" message. (May 2, 2001)

I.E. starts and stays offline / I.E. offline message when using DSL/Cable

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