IE 6.0 can not acess the internet, possible virus corruption.



One night I was online, when I went to bring up IE 6 and
the page came up as the standard 404 error, page can not
be found. I thought it might be my computer so I rebooted,
and still the same thing. At the same time, my dad's
computer experienced the same problem. (We have two
computers, networked, on a Cable connection) We called the
cable company the next day and they sent a tech out. He
discovered that the cable had accidentally been cut by
some contractors we had out at our house removing trees.
So he ran a new wire (although he did not bury it) and
left. My dad's computer was able to immediately go online
and function as normal. However mine, was a different
story. I tried accessing the internet and it would not
work, again, same error message. However I know my
computer is seeing the network becuase it can see the
network and print pages to the printer upstaris
sucessfully. I think I might have a virus that has
corrupted my IE settings. We ran EX Trust Anti Virus, and
lavasoft Ad Aware 6, with no positive results. Any help is
GREATLY appreciated.

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