Windows XP how to edit printer driver

Sep 16, 2008
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We are having the same problem as in the post below except that it happens when the computer boots instead of coming out of hybernation. There doesn't seem to be any timing settings for the printer driver.

I've tried reinstalling the driver numerous times with numerous variations.
It seems that hp didn't make a driver for this printer specifically for
windows xp. They have a driver for post script printers that comes up for
win xp but it doesn't function properly. I tried variations of ECP and EPP and bi-directional I even tried to use a win 98 driver.

It seems the driver has to be edited to eliminate the computer from checking
the status. Not sure how to get to the printer driver or how to edit it.

We had alot of problems installing the printer after updating from windows 98 to xp. The printer port lpt1 didn't appear in the install printer wizard but did appear in the device manager. After many failed attempts to install the printer, after changing the port in the device manager to lpt2, it finally installed. I also had to change the bios setting from "auto" to "enable".

I tried adding an lpt1 local port (in the add new printer wizard) and it seems to fix the problem, but it causes the computer to keep "finding" a new printer which it then says it's unable to install.

We have a dell dimension xps_r440 with an intel 440bx chipset and windows xp home edition.


(e-mail address removed) (richard) wrote in message
news:<[email protected]>...
> When my system (WinXP SP1) awakes from hybernation, my LaserJet 4L
> spontaneously prints one page with two lines on top:
> [email protected]
> Any ideas how to avoid this?

Just a guess here:
Looking at a PJL manual, at

See p 40 on, and particularly p56.

What the PC is doing is requesting the printer to report its status
every 30 seconds. However, apparently the beginning of the command
string is omitted, because either the printer or PC is not fully awake
when it's sent.

It should send :
%[email protected]

So it's not getting the code before the "X" and just prints the
command until it gets the second ESC which puts it back in command

Possible fixes:
Look at the printer driver settings to see if there are any timing
settings you might change. If all else fails, try some other drivers
-- there should be several compatible ones. The status report is a
dispensible feature if the printer is on your desk anyway, it's really
meant for remote printers..


Sep 16, 2008
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Someone in another forum suggested trying the hp laserjet III driver and it solved the problem.

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