How do I fix this: Print spooler service is not running??

Dec 11, 2013
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there is no option of print spooler in administrative Tools>Services.
So how can i slect automatic option.

Kindly do the needful...

,Ok if anyone cannot print or install a printer because it says The print spooler service is not running then follow these easy steps to get the service running

start>control panel>administrative Tools>Services>scroll down to print spooler>right click it>click properties>make sure you are on the general tab>go down to startup type and make sure its on automatic>then hit apply>then click the start button under the service status>apply again>hit OK. now exit all of the services and administrative tools and go to where your printer and faxes are located and now try to install a printer or try to print> and if all of the above dont work and it shows 1503 error etc , use your xp cd and run repier from setup computer hopefully you will find the solution.

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