Hidden Text Headings in TOC



Hello, I am working with a document that contains quite a bit of hidden text.
Some of this text are headings. I want to be able to generate a TOC that
displays the hidden-text headings when the hidden text is shown. I have tried
doing this, but somehow the application does not recognize the headings when
they are set to hidden text (even when viewing hidden text is enabled).

Stefan Blom

Usually, direct formatting (as opposed to formatting that comes from a
style) will be reflected in the TOC, but that does not apply to hidden text.
An alternative would be to format the heading text in white color, which
would be reflected in the TOC if you added it as direct formatting but not
if you add it to the style definition of the relevant headings.

However, if you explained in detail why you need to do this, someone might
be able to suggest a different, possibly better, approach.

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