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Nov 3, 2011
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I have a main document (D1) that uses standard headings and has a table of contents.
I have another document (D2) that also uses standard headings and has a table of contents.

I need to include D2 as an appendix to D1. I want D1's TOC to show the appendix heading, but not all the D2 headings.

Some options:

  1. Print D1 to PDF, and append D2. That puts both docs in one document, but doesn't include the appendix heading in D1s TOC, and leaves both with potentially inconsistent page numbering.
  2. If D1 uses Headings 1-4, rename D2's headings to either Heading 5-8 (could screw up formatting in one doc or another), or H1-H4. Have the D1 TOC include Headings 1-5, or Headings 1-4 plus H1, or add Heading 1 titles at the top of the appendix. This is what I normally do, but it's a bit of a pain.
  3. Use a bookmark to have the merged document show only D1 headings, then add TOC text for the Appendix heading. (Never tried this).

I need to do this relatively often (and often with multiple appendices). The best way I've found is to convert appendix headings to from (e.g.,) Heading 1 to H1, and for each appendix insert a new Heading 1 (e.g., "Appendix 1 - Application form). Does anyone have a simpler solution?

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