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Can anyone help here

I tried in vain to set up the fax services on a new XP home installation.
After repeated tries it would act as if it were copying the files, but not
so. Since I had several backups of my new XP installations, I would
reinstall one the older installations but each time I tried to install the
fax services, I continued to get the same "can't find file" message, and
yet, the files were right there.

Tried everyting including the "hotfix". Would noit work .... I tried the
original install disk and also went to where these files were supposedly
located on my hard drive. Each attempt to install the fax services was

I eventually tried the Esentutl.exe utility ... in spite of warnings I had
read elsewhere about using this approach. The Esentutl.exe utility worked
and I finally succeded in installing the fax

Should I expect any problem as a result of using using the Esentutl.exe

Thank you for your help here

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

I've seen no problems reported from using it, in spite of all the warnings,
and it has solved the install problem many times. I might add that you're
not the first to report that the hotfix from the KB article didn't help.

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