Fax blank & no attachment




I have installed Microsoft Shared Fax service on a Windows 2000 SBS. It
is configured as per microsoft kb id 325807
I have set it to route through email (priority 1) and also store faxes
in a specified folder (priority 2). When a fax is sent to this fax
number it goes into the folder fine and the specified recipient
receives an email entitled "Fax server XXX received a new fax from".
however, the email body is blank each time and there are no
attachments. I have sent faxes to this number myself with a message and
attachments but still nothing comes through in the email. I have also
changed the email recipient to make sure that outlook isn't stripping
attachments. I have tested with our office email, GMail & Hotmail and
the problem is the same with all 3.
The full email body and attachments are stored successfully in the
folder specified.

Any suggestions?



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

This group supports only the standalone fax products that work with Outlook.
You'll need to post in an SBS group. Be sure you mention the client OS when
you do.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

FWIW, I've seen no similar issues on the Outlook end of things, so I doubt
Outlook is causing the problem.

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