Error message running BCM


I am trying to run Business Contact Manager with my Outlook 2003.
new file menu for business contact manager is not showing on the
Outlook file menu even though I have run the application. The program
appears to have installed correctly but when the wizard runs it never
goes past the "create new database" step (I've made 10 so far,
somewhere?). I have not used Business Contact Manager before so I am
learning as I go.

I tried creating a new data base from the File_Data File Management
Menu and at least I got an error message this way.
It reads: "Could not find stored procedure 'ir_GetSBAinfo' .
Any ideas what this means? Can I fix it some how so I will be able to
use Contact Manager?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Business Contact Manager, and run
the repair/fix for Outlook from the install disk. I didn't want to
try uninstalling /installing Outlook till I asked around because I
will loose my e-mails and settings for my POP3 connections.

Any Ideas Thnaks?



I had exactly the same problem. was driving me crazy! stumbled upon the
solution. and here it simple, but close to impossible to find.

Go to Help/About MS Office Outlook. Then click Disabled items. Chances are
the BCM is not enable. I made the change here and it then worked.

Good luck!

No it was not disabled, but thanks for the reply. Any other ideas,
before I do the deed.

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