Office XP Pro / BCM Re-install



I'll try to make this short.

Had Office XP Pro & BCM running on my XP Home Edition system - All was
working fine.

Starting experiencing some goofy things with Office so I decided to
uninstall everything and start from scratch.

Made a backup copy of my BCM database & my Outlook .pst file.

Uninstalled BCM from the control panel, Then uninstalled SQL Server Desktop
Engine and finally uninstalled Office.

Reinstalled Office (all that is working fine). Reinstalled BCM. Start
Outlook & no BCM shows up anywhere.

Start Menu-->Microsoft Office--> Business Contact Manager for Outlook -->
Enable Business Contact ... comes back and says it is enabled.

Started Outlook, went to File-->Data File Management There was no BCM
database so I added one using the same name as my previous database.
Everything came back ok. Restarted Outlook and no BCM on the menu bar

I've tried uninstalling and reloading Office & BCM a couple times - no
install errors but can't get anything to work here.


Mukesh Agarwal [MSFT]

See if Outlook disabled BCM. Goto Help->About Outloot Outlook->Disabled Item
(or it could be Help->Disabled Item). Enable it and restart Outlook.

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