Error Message when opening BCM Home and navigating to it




I use Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager and am running Vista
64x. Each time I open BCM and/or try to navigate to it, I get the
error message: "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not
complete your last action(s). Please try again."

I have 1 contact database set up in BCM and the rest of my contact
databases are in my Outlook address book.

Once I close the error message, I am able to do what I need, but it
happens again when I try to get back to BCM Home.

It drives me crazy! Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can use
the feature?


Hi all,
What a coincidence I am using the Dutch version of BCM here in the
Netherlands and since one week I am getting the same error message. I did not
reinstall BCM yet hoping that there is a solution for this problem.


I don't get it. The link is just to this newsgroup, hosted on the
microsoft website, and not a particular post or answer.

That's what I thought...still no solution for the problem indicated!

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