Error 797 and 721

Aug 31, 2011
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I am not well up on computers so can you please help,

I use a Thinkpad T23 laptop running Windows 2000 Proffesional using Tiscali broadband with Sagem F@st 800 ADSL Modem hard wired.

I have been with Tiscali since 2006 with no problems untill a week ago.

When I want to use the Internet I have to click on a connect to Tiscali Broadband Icon, then in approx 8 sec a box appears telling me I am connected a 7.7 Mb/s

A week ago this did not happen, after a few more attempts the Error 797 appeared followed later after more attempts with the Error 721.

A relation of mine uninstalled my modem, then reinstalled it with no success, he then tried to Install a Router, again with no success, he then connected my original Modem and it worked, only failing to connect once in 7 days, even then showing no Error code, and I was able to connect after a few more attempts.

Last night my connection dropped out and when I tried to reconnect, both Errors appeared again, after about 30 minites of trying to connect including shutting down and starting my computer a few times I was finally able to connect to the Internet.

I do not have any faith at the moment with my Internet connection, as I now feel I could loose it at any time and am worried if I buy something and am unable to pay with my Paypal account.

Can someone please help with advice on how to correct the two Errors

Many Thanks

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