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Pablo Ibarra Duprat

Hi ...
I try to use Dial-up networking to dial a internet
provider, but I get the error 797 and nothing more happend.
I des-install a install again the modem many times and I
use anothers modem to try but the error continue.
The Windows is 2000 with the last of all... the modem is a
lucent winmodem.
The machine is a thinkpad t22 with a Ethernet card wotking
without problems connected via adsl.. 300 mbps.
I run que diagnostic in modem properties and the modem is
working fine ..
Help please.

Pablo Ibarra Duprat

Thanks For your response ...
But the document attached in your answer was used
previously without sucess...
the document with id: 317222 was executed without sucess
The Document with id: 285049 Not applied.

Any Another help to solve my problem ?
Thanks In advance

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