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Aug 31, 2011
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This Error 721 has only appeared for the last 7 days, I have not changed anything.

I use a Sagem F@ st 800 ADSL Modem , which I have used with no problems since starting with them in 2006 for my Tiscaly bradband

My laptop is a IBM T23 Thinkpad running Windows 2000 Proffesional.

After my Laptop is fully started up then I have allways had to click on a connect to Tiscaly broadband icon, after a few seconds two moniters appear in the bottom right hand corner of my screen and a message say connected and the speed.

Up to today no Error code appeared,

Sometimes in the last 7 days I was able to connect at the first attempt.

If I was unable to connect first time then I removed the USB power cable to the modem for approx 30 sec then replaced the USB power to the modem.
After two or three attempts I was able to connect.

I contacted Tiscali who after a 30 minuete conversation told me that I should buy a new Laptop and Router.

I contacted them again to be told to re-install my modem, but gave no instructions on how to do this in their email.

I am not well up on computers so can anyone please help with my problem.

Many thanks

Aug 9, 2005
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Hello Elder

I am not sure what your connection issue is, but frankly getting a new Operating System, is an urgency for you. Support for Windows 2000 ended July 13, 2010.
This means your computer is increasing more vulnerable to every kind of bad thing out there.

This means that most anti-virus will not be able to provide adequate protection. Frankly I would give you your money back and not allow your computer on my network. I am sorry to be so blunt Elder Bob, but a new netbook maybe a sound investment at this time.

For you to update your T23 to XP would be unwise imho, its end of support is sometime in 2014.

To buy Windows 7 which I am not sure would work for your laptop (drivers) would be around half the cost of a mini at least in US dollars.
I know I am not being much help but many be someone on the forum has been there and done that; they will tell you. My concern is the longer you managed to stay online the worst the malware will hit you, back up important files now, I would.
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