Domain not available


Mark Chimes

Hi All,

Here's a nifty little problem I am sure someone has an answer to...

I have just installed a new sever (2003). Administrator logins in fine.
Another account, with (almost) admin rights also logs in OK.
A new user, on a new machine, previously attached and authenticated by the
old domain can no longer log on.

When attempting to logon with as Administrator, the error msg is...
"System cannot log you on because the domain is not available."

If the user attempts to log onto her local machine with ANY
username/password, a similar msg is displayed.

I enabled the Guest account, and logon attempts display this msg...
"Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller
is down or otherwise unavailable or the computer account was not found".

The DC is up and running, the account exists and permissions are

I would like to dis-associate the workstation from the domain and re-join,
but how do I log in locally?

Mark Chimes




I think problems is on DC. You install DNS server? If yes, DNS server not
working. If no, install DNS server on DC and configure IP configuration with
this DNS server.


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