Welcome logon screen and attached domain on windows xp



Is there a simple solution to make a customized welcome logon screen
in windows xp? The best solution will be something like this. Computer
starts, then the Welcome logn screen shows. On Welcome logon screen I
can choose what type of logon I want. If I have special setting on
account then I choose to log on to the domain and use the domain logon
and password. But when I haven't any domain account then I choose the
"Guest account" icon (picture) on Welcome logon screen and computer
loads standard, default profile on local computer with minimized

I'm sure with 100% that must be possible. Why? Because you can do the
same with classic logon screen. In same situation I will simple choose
to logon on local computer, and type "Guest" account. That's all. But
classic logon screen is completely nonintuitive for some persons in
opposition to Welcome logon screen when man can simple click what he
wants and that's all. So is there any solution to make this possible?

Thanks in advance for your respond.

Tim Meddick

Simply create another profile and have it logon to the domain, and another
[limited] user account that just logs on locally. You can have these with
or without the [Guest] account being enabled, with which you do not need to
use a password.

Then you can have your Welcome screen with, say, the following accounts
displayed ;

User (Domain logon)
User (non-domain)

...what would be wrong in that?


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)

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