How to AutoLogon with Tweak UI ?



I am running XP Pro with SP3. I am the only user on this desktop machine and
I want to be able to autologon, bypassing the password and welcome screens.

In Display Properties > Screen Saver I have unticked the box "On resume,
display Welcome screen". Under Power Option Properties > Advanced I have
unticked "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby". In Control
Panel > User Accounts > Change the way users log on or off, I checked box
"Use the Welcome screen" (as I didn't want the classic logon screen).

In Tweak UI > Logon > Autologon I have checked "Log on automatically at
start up" with my username displayed, clicked apply and OK.

The autologon works as I want (and expect) it to first time of re-starting,
but fails to hold this as default for future restarts, unless I go and
re-tick the box in Tweak UI.

Incidentally, it makes no difference if I uncheck the box on User Accounts.

This still happens after hard disc re-format and re-install of Tweak UI.

Can anyone assist please on how to make this work the way I want ? With

Tim Meddick

Hi, you could try and use TweakUI (exe for XP) instead. It is a lot more
limited but a little more robust as it is Microsoft and therefore bound to
be more compatible. You can download it free (of course) from:

then goto the heading Logon, near the bottom, then, Autologon sub-menu.
Tick the box "Log on automatically at startup" and make sure your User name
is typed in the box. If this doesn't work then you may have a bigger
problem... Good luck!

Tim Meddick, Peckham.

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