Auto logon to Windows XP SP2 pc and active directory domain




Is it possible to get a Windows XP Sp2 pc to automatically logon and
authenticate the user account against a windows 2003 active directory domain
controller. In addition I want to customise the pc so that when it logs on
it opens a specific application full screen and stops the users from using
any other xp component. The pc's are to be used in a factory (manufacturing)
environment with touch screens.


Yes. The 'Control userpasswords2' applet will not let you do this directly
with a domain account, but it works if you make the settings manually. You
need to go into the Winlogon registry key and manually set "AutoAdminLogon"
to 1. Also set "ForceAutoLogon" to 1 to prevent logoff.

You might also like to give MyLogon a try -this requires the user to
authenticate, but will confine work to a single app, with no desktop.
(Originally written for a medical callcenter with similar requirements to

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