Document created from template is slow to open



I have a document that was created from a template that can take up to a
minute to open (it's not a large document). I was told to open the document
and then open the templates and addins on the tools menu and remove the
template name from the Document template field on the Templates tab. That
fixes the problem. The document then opens very quickly. Can you tell me
why this fixes the problem? We have a number of templates that are used in
our department and I'm being asked to update them to make this change to the, but I'd like to know more before making that change to our templates.

Herb Tyson [MVP]

My guess would be that the document template is located on a server
somewhere on the network, and that connecting to it is what's taking so
long. You should not have this problem with documents whose templates are
located on your own computer.


Herb Tyson MS MVP
Author of the Word 2007 Bible

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