Word slow to open when e-mailing document based on template



I have someone working with me that uses templates (.dot) in word quite a lot
for creating word documents with different comapny names, delivery addresses

All of these .dot template files are stored in Application
Data\Microsoft\Templates under her user profile. We are using Office 2003.

The problem we have is that she creates documents using the templates as the
base, saves the resulting document under a new name and then sends them out
to clients. The clients try and open the documents and it takes forever. It
appears the documents are still referencing the template and word is trying
to connect to our file server to retrieve the template.

I had an idea in my head how templates were supposed to work and having a
document link back to the template and causing this issue wasn't one of them.
Can someone explain what we are doing wrong. Or is this by design and I'm not
seeing the logic? How we can use templates without leaving the templated
attached to the document afterwards so this issue doesn't come up?


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