Word formatting changes when a document from a .dotx is saved down



We currently have 12 computers running office 2007 and one running 2003.

We have four master templates:

Normalmacros.dot (as a startup template for 2003 documents)
Normalmacros.dotm (as a startup template for 2007 documents)

The normalmacros templates hold our office macros and autotexts, so as to
‘preserve’ the normal templates from accidental destruction!

In addition to the master templates we also run document templates, as .dot
or .dotx. Each of those templates has a filepath field “FILENAME \* Lower
\p \* MERGEFORMAT †in the footer which is formatted to arial 8 point

Our issue is that when a document is opened from the .dotx template and
saved down, and the fields are updated for printing, the field changes to
arial 10.5 which is not a setting in the master templates or the document

Does anyone know how this can be resolved?



Graham Mayor

Remove the \*Mergeformat switch from and update the filename fields, which
should suffice, but if necessary replace the switch with a \*Charformat

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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