Word 2003 template problem


Joseph Talbott

I have created a template for a very large document (2000+ pages) which
contains all of the styles used in the document. As I bring new material into
the document, I first copy it into a new document (to clean it up, apply
formatting and perform some basic edits) where I apply the template. This
procedure worked well until a couple of days ago. Now, when the template is
applied, the header style alignment is not the same as specified in the
template (I have opened blank documents using the template and the alignment
is fine). The master document which is based on the template still looks
fine. I copied the styles from the master document to the template but the
same problem continues.


Hi Joseph,

I am really sorry that you are having that issue with the formatting.

One thing you might want to do is to check the "Page Layout Settings"
including margins, spacing and indentation. In addition, check you page size
properties. Are you working everything in Word 2003?

Let me know if that helps you,

Vicente Tulliano

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