Template issues



I am attempting to create a template that I can open and make changes to,
then save these under various filenames depending upon what edits I have
made. I have done this successfully on several templates but now they are
giving me some troubles.

Every time I create a new template and open it it asks me if I would like to
save the changes even though I have made no changes. I just want to be able
to open the document quickly and see if it is the correct one and close it
without having an annoying dialogue pop up.

I've tried narrowing down the issues and I believe it could be one of the
1. In my template I have fields for the title and subject which I enter
under the properties. I have used these in other documents just fine,
without this issue arising, it still may be possible that they are being
counted as "changes" when I open a new document.

2. I'm using formatting from another template on this one. It is unusual
because when I go under the "templates and Add-ins" menu the "Document
template" area is grayed out along with the attach button.

Any help would be appreciated.

Stefan Blom

2. You can't attach a template to a template (*.dot or *.dotx or *.dotm file),
so if you are *opening* the template file (for example via the Open dialog box),
what you are seeing is to be expected.

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