How to protect a template but allow all changes to new documents?


Edward Coke

I need the old "Read only" protection ie you can not edit the original but
can save a copy under another name and then edit it. Does anyone know how
this can be done in Word 2007?

Background -- only read if you want to.
I need to provide a template for use by a number of collegues. The documents
which they will create (using File - new) must be capable of being editted
But the template itself must be locked against changes to prevent corruption.
In the past some collegues have opened the template in word and corrupted it
instead of downloading the template to thier PC and then used File - New to
create their document.

Stefan Blom

Setting the Read-only attribute for the template file should work just fine.

JR Hester

SAve the document as a true temoplate using eth save as option and select
template option. You can define a password if you choose, to prevent people
from chaning your template. When users select teh template file it
automatically creates a new document that tehy can tehn edit without changing
your original.


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