Template font/size changes when content deleted



Vista 32
Office 2007 however I save many documents in Word 97

I have created a new word (Word 97) template using font Arial and size 12.
When I open that template it's title is "mine.dot" until I save it as a W97
i.e. "etc.doc". However, if I open that document that has been created using
this template, highlight all, then delete the contents, the font/size reverts
to Calibri/11 for any new text I type into that document; that is it doesn't
retain the original font/size of Aial/12 as per the template used.

Also using "Help" - Create a new template step 5 my Word does not show
"Favourite Links"

Plse advise as I am getting tired of changing the font/size each time I use
the same template based document.

Graham Mayor

For a start you shouldn't 'open' a template and save it as a document. You
should create a new document from the template. However the problem
undoubtedly concerns how you have 'used' the Arial font. You should either
create a personal paragraph style and apply it or edit the normal paragraph
style in your template. Open the template, make the changes you require to
it. Save and close, then create new documents from the template.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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