New Word 2007 documents always open with Calibri font despite temp



I'm stumped. If I open a new Word document by going through the Start Menu
(e.g., Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Word 2007) the
document will open with all the settings (e.g., font, font size, paragraph
settings, etc.) I have saved in the normal.dotm template. HOWEVER, if I open
a new Word document by right clicking on my desktop, selecting New, and
selecting Microsoft Office Word Document then it ALWAYS opens with
font=Calibri, font size=11, and some undesirable paragraph settings.

1. Anyone know why opening a Word file these two ways would cause the
template settings to be different?
2. Anyone know how to find and change the mystery template that causes the
Calibri font and how to change it?

Your help would be much appreciated!

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