Different Default MS Word Template being used in different places



I created a new MS Word default Template with a changed "Normal" style.
I like Georgia and Verdana as basic fonts, so I changed the original
"Normal" Style to use these fonts.

When I open MS Word from my desktop icon the new document that opens uses
this Template.

However, if I right-click in Windows Explorer and select "New MS Word
Document", the old (original) Template is used with Calibri 11 point as the
"Normal" style for the new document.

Why doesn't the new document created in Win Explorer use my changed Template?
Is there some place where I can change this setting?
Does this have something to do with Users on my computer?
Does Windows Explorer use the Admin User and the Word icon use my User?



Thank you very much for this.

At the bottom of this page is a link to another Microsoft page that
describes a "hotfix" to this issue. It was posted by a MS Engineer.

Stefan Blom

That's good news. Thank you for sharing (I must admit I hadn't noticed the

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