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Matt Mikkalson

I have a default printer question for you all. I have a client who has one
home office and 3 satellite offices. They all terminal serv into the
application server to run their programs. All the users login to the
terminal server session with the same username and password. Don't ask why
they wanted it that way. Anyway the problem I am having is that there is
one printer in the home office that needs to be the default printer for
everyone. The users want the option to print to their own local printers
also. So I setup their RDPs so that it will bring their local printers
across when they TS into the server. But this changes the default printer
on the server for that user to their local machine's printer, thus changing
the default for all the other users who are in that application. So what I
did was put a script in the startup folder which would reset the default to
the network printer after login. This only seems to work some of the time.
Does anyone know how I can get the users local printers to come across
without changing the default printer from the network printer? I know this
setup is possible because a guy from our office set it up previously and it
worked fine. Since then he moved away and the application server was
replaced. Now I can't get it working the same way it was.

Thanks in advance,

Matthew Harris [MVP]

I saw this problem a while ago. I think the reason that
your script 'sometimes' works is because sometimes it
takes the server longer to map the client printers.
Sometimes your script sets the default printer after the
client printers are mapped, and sometimes not. Try this:
put a sleep command into your script to wait like 15 or so
seconds before the default printer is reset to be the
network printer. You can find the sleep.exe program on
the internet.



Matt, have you tried setting the clients to connect their local computers, but uncheck the "Default to main client printer" on the user account. This should solve your problem

Patrick Rous
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Serve

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