Default language in Word not same as default input language. Possi



I write a lot in two different languages - Faroese and English. I have the
keyboard set to Faroese as default (ie, default input language) because most
of the time I need to write in Faroese and English in msn, email and browser
and as the Faroese keyboard is up to the challenge of writing comfortably in
English, it's easiest to use that as default. Otherwise I'd be changing to
Faroese keyboard for every application where I'd need to write in Faroese,
which is pretty much all of them.

Now, I can't seem to get Word (in which I usually write in English) to
recognize that what I'm writing is English. Even when I ask it to detect
language automatically, it assumes Faroese. Maybe because there is no
dictionary for Faroese, so it doesn't know that it should be looking for a
different language. I have tried to change the default language setting for
Word, but it seems that the default input language or keyboard overrides
this. Am I right? It's really annoying, because it means that every time I
want to write something in Word I have to highlight the text and tell Word
that it is English.

Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Oh, I'm on Vista with Office 2007.


In Office Button > Word Options > Advanced > Editing Options (almost
at the bottom of the group), there's a check box for "Automatically
switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text." Does changing
the setting of that make a difference?

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