Language and Keyboard Problems




I do a lot of typing in Greek and so sometimes I "Set Language" in Word to
Greek. I use a different keyboard layout to the standard Greek one (it allows
for accents etc.) and I've set this to be the default keyboard for the Greek
language on my system. However, when I change the language in Word to Greek
it uses the standard keyboard setting, which is not the one I want. I end up
constantly having to change it in the Windows language bar.

So what I'm asking is: Is there a way to change the default keyboard for a
specific language in Microsoft Word 2007?

I have tried removing the standard keyboard from my system altogether but
Word doesn't like this, abandons the Greek and just starts typing in English!

Thanks for any help!

Peter T. Daniels

When you enabled the Greek IME in Windows, did you choose only the
Polytonic keyboard? It's the only one I have turned on, and I've never
had a problem.

(Not sure how you'd tell it's the "standard" vs. the polytonic, since
the polytonic uses the same keystroke for the undifferentiated accent
of Modern Greek that the usual keyboard does.)

How do you switch to Greek? The way to do it is to leave the cursor in
the text where you want to type Greek, go to the language icon near
the right end of the taskbar, and choose EL instead of EN. Then when
you click back in the document, you'll be typing in Greek, until you
switch back to English.

Graham Mayor

You can associate any keyboard layout with any language from the Windows
regional settings. If you have multiple input languages then right click the
Language button on the Windows taskbar and choose settings. Set the
appropriate keyboard for each language.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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