Font Woes - Problems with the Language Bar and Word 2003



This is a fairly complex question... I'm hoping there's someone out there
that knows a bit about this stuff...

First, my environment:

Windows XP Professional SP2
Office 2003 Professional SP2
XP Language Bar enabled
Default Input Language: English (United States) - US
Installed Services: EL - Greek [Keyboards: Greek, US]

Here's the scenario:
I have have a document drafting engine that takes .RTF input and produces
..RTF output, replacing various textual keywords with data. The data that is
replaced relies on the formatting specified in the .RTF to display the
correct results.

If I use MS WordPad (not Word), I can set my font to Arial and when I change
my Language Bar to Greek with the Keyboard set to US, the WordPad's font
Script changes to Greek, but I can type english characters. This all makes
sense at the .RTF level, if you understand font character sets, code pages,
and the .RTF format.

If I use Word, however, there seems to be no concept of a font "Script". If
I set my font to Arial, change the Language Bar to Greek with the Keyboard
set to US, type some english text (which displays in english, correctly) and
save the document, then open that document up in WordPad, the font is Arial
with a Script of Western, not Greek.

This is a problem for me because the drafting engine reads these keywords as
english, but are expecting a font that supports the extended Greek character
set, so that the data it's outputting is displayed in Greek glyphs. Word
seems to think when I'm typing english, I'm doing it in an English character
set, regardless of what my Language Bar says I want.

Does anyone have any clue how I can manipulate Word into using the English
character set of the Greek code page?

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