Full character set / font for ancient Greek?



Where can I find a font which includes the full character set for ancient
Greek? The standard Times New Roman and Arial have some of them but not all
of them - at least in the versions that I have on my PC (Windows XP with Word

For example, the font does not have the "smooth breathing" or "rough
breathing" symbols, or the iota subscript, or the grave or circumflex accents
- all of which are a standard part of the orthography of ancient Greek.


Peter T. Daniels

"Polytonic Greek" is housed in the Greek Extended range of Unicode,
1F00-1FFF. Among the fonts that include the entire range are Arial,
Arial Unicode, Courier New, Microsoft Sans Serif, Palatino Linotype
(not sure where I got that one -- I didn't specifically download it,
so it may have come with Windows or Office), Tahoma, and Times New
Roman. Also Gentium, which is a free font from SIL that also covers
the IPA (but not Phonetic Extended) and eventually will include

Once you've installed the appropriate keyboard (using Start > Control
Panel > Regional and Language Options), you'll want to download the
very elaborate "How to Use the Greek Polytonic System in Windows XP"
from the Microsoft website (unfortunately the printout doesn't include
its url); it works exactly the same in Vista (and presumably Windows

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