Custom form - hitting 'next item' button hangs Outlook


Alexey Titov

Hi :)

I have a custom form with an ActiveX control, published in a public folder -
not 'Organizational Forms Library' though, don't have access to it.
I also made a VBA code to import contacts from Excel list to Outlook - this
works fine, all controls work and newly created contacts do not become
But when I click the blue 'Next Item' and 'Previous Item' buttons in Outlook
toolbar - Outlook stops responding.
Can any1 please tell me whats going on with it?


Alexey Titov

I suspect the problem is in my open code

Sub Item_Open()
'Get form's Inspector and Page
Set oInspector = Item.GetInspector
Set oPageGeneral = oInspector.ModifiedFormPages("General")
End Sub

Tried this

Sub Item_Close()
Set oPageGeneral = Nothing
'oInspector.Close 1 - causes an error
Set oInspector = Nothing
End Sub

- it didn't help. Might be something I missed?

Alexey Titov

That was a really really wierd problem :)

I actually have more code in that form.
It was strange that if I need to hide a control - for some I may use
Visible=false, for others - only Width=0,Height=0 or form will become
Now this problem was even more strange - I have two Frames, one with
ActiveXCalendar and other with MSOutlookView control
When setting width/height = 0 to frames - both worked as it should, but when
hitting 'next item' on the toolbar - Outlook stopped responding.
So found out that for a Frame containing ActiveXCalendar - I may use
Width/Height=0, but for a frame containing MSOutlookView - only

Really wierd

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