Building Custom Forms




I've used the defaut Contact form in Outlook and added a few custom fields
to the form. The form will be published to the Organizational Forms Library
and will be set as default to a Public Folder in the Public Folders
directory. The form will be access as a read-only form only.

There is also a web interface who will allow the admin assistants the
possibility to add, edit and delete contacts from that same public folder.
The web interface uses webdav to query the exchange server for completing the
tasks. In order for the web to work with the new custom fields, is there
anything specific I need to do in exchange to be able to use the new fields?





Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

I don't think you have to do anything to Exchange, but the place to ask would be the newsgroup. You definitely would have to incorporate code to access the custom fields into your web application. They are accessible via WebDAV.

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