Macros disabled in custom Outlook form



Hi all,
I have created a custom Outlook 2007 appointment form.

Form is using only VBScript and is digitally signed by my trusted
developer's certificate. Form is published in Organizational Forms Library
and all users have imported my certificate in Trusted developer's store.

Despite this facts, every time user tries to open new received custom
appointment, he receives the message: "To help prevent malicious code from
running, one or more objects in this form were not loaded. For more
information, contact your administrator.", and form shows up without custom

Curious think is, when user opens this unaccepted custom appointment from
calendar instead of inbox, form items and its content is displayed properly.

Macro security settings change does not solve the situation;
Email security -> Script in folders: user has checked both options (Allow
script in shared and public folders).

Could somebody help me with this please?

Thank you in advance.



Sue Mosher [MVP]

Given that there is no signing mechanism for VBScript code behind a custom
form, it's not clear exactly what you might have done. What do you mean by
"custom items"?

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