use the custom form to show meeting request in recipient's calendar




I've customized Meeting request form for outlook 2007.When I send
meeting request using this form,on recipient side I want to display
the meeting request using the same meeting request form.I've published
the form in personal forms library of sender & receiver.Is it
possible?If I use exchange accounts then it seems to be possible when
the form is published in organizational form library.


Sue Mosher [MVP]

Maybe. If you're sending to non-Exchange recipients, you need to make sure
that Outlook is not set to send meeting requests in iCalendar format: Tools
| Options | Calendar Options. And if you're sending from an Exchange
account, the server has to be set not to strip TNEF content. Personally, I
gave up on custom meeting request forms years ago. Way too much trouble than
their worth.

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