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I have modified an existing Custom Form in Outlook. I published it to the
Organizational Forms Library and in another location for back-up. When I ran
the Omsgclas.doc it did not appear to process any items. Now, when I open an
existing contact in the folder it opens the new form but the information is

Also, Can I remove several instances of a custom form from a directory or
does the Server Administrator have to do this. And if so, where do I tell
them the files are located?

Any help would be appreciated.



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Never publish any custom form in more than one place, it's an invitation to
forms cache corruption. If you need backups, store them as OFT files in the
file system.

What do you mean by several instances of a custom form? Do you mean items
that use that form or multiple copies of a published form in the folder or a
forms library?

If these are just items then just delete them. If multiple copies of a form
are published then use the forms manager to remove all the copies and then
publish only once to one location. Before you do that make sure to use the
button in the forms manager to clear your forms cache. Then if you revise a
form make sure to change the Version property on it to avoid forms cache
problems and to make sure the correct form is being used.

You might want to look at the information on publishing and sharing forms at to see the best practices.

There have been reports of Omsgclas not working on later versions of
Outlook, you probably will need to review the code in the macros in that
Word document.

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