Command button no longer firing after sending custom form over ema



I'm a bit new to outlook form programming, but here goes...

We have OL2003 on WinXP and an Exchange server running SBS. I've created a
task form with a To... button (bound) and Save and Update command buttons

You type in the contact data into the form and hit the Save button. the
vbScript then creates a new contact, assigns the task to our accounts dept
and the form (task) is then sent to them via email.

This has all been working fine for a while, but suddenly, the unbound
buttons no longer work after the form is emailed. The To... button works

As a test, I added a single extra button with a 1-line MsgBox statement and
this works on my machine, but does nothing at the recipient's end.

The form is published in our "Organisational Forms Library", the option
"Send Form Definition with item" is unchecked, the forms cache on the
destination machine has been cleared, Outlook restarted, machine rebooted.
Machine broke in half and set fire to then buried.

No joy.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in anticipation.



Ok I've done a bit more work and some more reading on this.

The problem appears to be the "one-offing" nature of custom forms. To
create a form I was using Tools/Forms/Choose form which stopped the button
events firing after sending the task. I should have used File/New/Choose
form which seems to work fine so far.

Quite how you're supposed to guess this, or work it, out escapes me. At
least I think this is the solution. I haven't yet ruled out standing on one
leg and facing South, but will check these out and report back.

Have a good day all....


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