Contacts but no address book again


Jamie M

Contacts imported from WIndows Mail after importing from OE6 into WM
Contacts exist ~300
When sending mail clicking "TO" does not bring up contacts
When sending mail clicking "TO" autocomplete does work, so it knows where it
Contacts folder properties window has greyed, but checked "show this folder
as an email address book"
Is it worth fighting what I have vs. just deleteing all this crap and
starting over? Trying for a month!
Can I import an XP Pro .WAB directly into Outlook 2007, WIndows 7
and have contacts AND an address book?
It's alot to ask, but can someone explain or tell me where to find the
conceptual relationship between Contacts and Adress books?

Thank you in advance, be gentle, it's my first time.


Russ Valentine

The address book is simply a view of the valid electronic addresses in a
given Contacts Folder. Autocompletion has nothing whatsoever to do with your
Contacts Folder, so the fact that it works means nothing.
If you are sure that you have installed the address book service and enabled
the Contacts Folder in question as an email address book, then it means one
of two things:
1. You are not displaying the Contacts Folder where your addresses reside,
2. You do not have valid electronic addresses in your Contacts Folder.
Importing often fails to create valid electronic addresses. Create a new
Contact from scratch that has a resolved electronic address and see if it

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