Reinstalled Outlook - now email address books are missing.



I reinstalled Office 2007 after upgrading to Windows 7, and now, no address
books are seen when I compose an email, though my Contacts are still there in
the Contacts pane of Outlook.

When I go to Outlook Address Book in Contacts Properties, the "Show this
folder as an email address book" box is greyed out. The same happens when I
create a new contacts folder.

How can I fix this?

Russ Valentine

The same way we've posted here countless times. Either look for the posts
that match your circumstances or provide the information we would need:
1. Precisely how you transferred your data (suspect you did so incorrectly).
2. How you configured the Outlook Address Book Service in the new profile.


I have exactly the same problem as Lemonholm, I allowed windows easy transfer
to move me across from a windows XP computer with MSO Small Business 2003 to
Windows 7 Ultimate woth MSO Small Business 2007, everything worked out of
the box except I cannot set my contacts folder as an outlook address book.
When I write an email, Outlook will autofill an address. but I do not have
an address book. I have set up the outlook address book in account settings
but the the "Show this folder as an email address book" box is greyed out. I
have valid address's in the contact folder, and I can email directly from
that folder.

You are write, we clearly have done something wrong, it could not possibly
be a bug.

Russ Valentine

It has never been possible to use WET with Outlook. you must create a new
profile and use a supported method for data transfer.

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