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Tonight, when attempting to send an SMS via Outlook, I pressed on the
To button to select a contact from the Contacts (Mobile) address
book. None appeared. I've been sending SMS messages for months
without problem. But that adress book suddenly doesn't work.

It was genereated when I set up an SMS account, it automatically
genenerated this address book from my exchange contacts...and
continually represented the mobile numbers from new and exisitng
contacts in the exchange contact list.

This address book is still working on a different computer, accessing
the same exchange account with the same SMS account...when I repeat
the routine above, or simply open the address book and select Contacts
(Mobile), all my contacts populate like normal. On this other machine
however, when I select the contacts (Mobile) AB, the cursor thinks for
a while, but nothing happens. No entries populate.

This happened once before several months ago, prior to formating my
machine. Any ideas how to fix this?

Diane Poremsky

It sounds like the Address book might be corrupt but the only way to fix
it is with a new profile.

Before that, you could try re-downloading the address book. if that
fails, try a new profile (don't delete the old profile - just make a new
one to test it).

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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I think you're correct, Diane. I tried a test profile, and sure
enough, mobile contacts reappeared. I wonder why this happened in the
first place.

Secondly, and more importantly, I have generally used the program
"Office Settings Backup Wizard" to backup and restore profiles for
office products, including Outlook. Unfortunately, I do not have a
recent profile backed up...so when I attemp to restore a current
backup (which contains the broken mobile contacts), the restored
profile is also broken.

My profile has three different accounts, including an exchange
account, as well as multiple addins, saved tools to the quickbar,
etc. Any way to get this profile restored or working again without
having to set the whole thing up from scractch again? Thanks.


Ah....I thoughtI found the solution. I deleted my exchange account,
then used the backup program. Restored everything but my exchang
account, and then added my exchange account manually. That didn't

Why would my exchange account go bad like this?


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