Client Disconnecting



I have a windows 2000 Terminal Server in application mode.
It operates on a 10 meg network.
It sits behind an ISA server, which acts as the gateway to our 64K Leased

I have a user that has a broadband connection at home (512K), she connects
to the internet fine, she then establishes a VPN to us here, and finally
initiates a terminal server session. This is all working fine, and other
people have done it before her.

However it seems to be disconnecting her after a few hours of work. it
completely kicks her of the server the VPN and the broadband connection,
with a 680: no dial tone error. which makes you think it is the broadband
connection. however she was working this saturday and she said the problem
wasn't half as bad, she also says if she is just connected to the internet
(without the VPN) she doesn't seem to experience this problem.

I have loked through all the logs but can't find any clues. does anybody
have any idea what the problem is. My initial hunch is the fact that
during the week and with only a 64K line it is just too busy for her to
work, or is that nonsense?





Is this 64K LL also being used for SMTP or HTTP traffic? Is she being disconnected while working, i.e. while she's typing, or when she's idle or minimized the TS session?

You should make sure she has the RDP connection settings (Experience) set to 28.8Kbps - Modem, so she doesn't saturate your pipe.

If this connection is used for other traffic it could easily be disconnecting for lack of bandwidth to maintain the connection, unless you enforce some QoS.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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