Changing the IP address of DC



What do i need to do if i want to change the IP address
of a DC. i only have one domain controller.i mean after
changing the IP address what do i need to do so that the
DC works smoothly in the in IP subnet.

any comments.
thanx a lot



Tim Springston \(MSFT\)

You'll need to delete the SRV and A records for the DC's old IP from the
domain's forward lookup zone. This may be a little tedious, but make sure
you get them all.

Then stop and start the NETLOGON service on the DC. That will prompt
registration of DNS records on that machine for all interfaces that are set
to do that.

You could also enable scavening at a frequent setting for the forward lookup

317590 HOW TO: Configure DNS Dynamic Update in Windows 2000

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